How Positive Thinking Phrases Can Help You

“I think I can.” This is probably the most recognizable positive thinking phrase today. Most of us know the story of “the little engine that could”. Most of us have heard as children about how the little engine was able to climb the big hill just by thinking that it could.

Today, in our adulthood, we encounter our own hills. Your hill could be a job application. It could be the presentation you’re going to have to give your boss tomorrow. You could consider your next exams to be your hill. Whatever your hill is, if you think you can’t … Continue reading


Some Useful Tools for Self-Motivation

Self-motivation has a lot of advantages over being motivated by other people. For one thing, self-motivation gets past all of your subconscious defenses. When another is motivating a person, he or she already has an opinion about whether or not to be affected. People have subconscious defenses regarding the ideas that other people introduce to them. Some people may appear to accept your idea and be motivated, but they often revert back to their lack of enthusiasm once the motivation session ends.

Self-motivation can also last longer since it does not rely on other people to make it work. Think … Continue reading

creativity technique

Techniques To Becoming Creative

Sometimes, you perceive of yourself as someone who would not know creativity even if it knocked you on the head with a sledgehammer. And sometimes, you just come to the realization that you and creativity just would not mix. It is like oil and water for you and creativity, or so you think.

You must not give up. If you imagine feeling the wrath of Zeus every time you need to be creative, do not put a lid on it. All you need is a technique, a creativity technique.

Creativity techniques make your world a better place to live in. … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Self-Improvement

Some Thoughts on Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can encompass a lot of aspects in one’s life. It can be about your career, finances, relationships, skills, and many others. The main idea here is that self-improvement must lead to a better person who is well-rounded and holistic.

The problem most of the time is that people want to improve but they do not have an idea as to what to improve. This brings in the importance of constant self-reflection. Sometimes, because of the complexities of life, people tend to forget about themselves. All attention, for example, is focused on work and family that one fails to see … Continue reading